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Decoding World’s Largest Democracy

In an interview to IndusLens, Salvatore Babones says, “India's democracy stands out not because of i...

Interview of Salvatore Babones 🇺🇸

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India: A Global Sports Powerhouse

Looking at How Innovative Policies and Visionary Leadership are Driving Success for India in Sports

Gen. Dahlan Al Hamad 🇶🇦

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Global Power Play: CCP's "Ignition Plan" Unmasked

Assassination, intensified Middle-East conflicts, and the quest for dominance

Jennifer Zeng 🇨🇳

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The Iranian Love Affair with Bollywood

A glimpse into an Iranian filmmaker’s love for Indian films, the vibrancy and innovations that has c...

Sana Norouzbeigi 🇮🇷

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Russian Literature’s Indian Soul Unites East and West

A crossover of inspiring literary work between the two nations.

Vadim Polonsky 🇷🇺

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India Advances Education in Tanzania

India is revolutionising educational excellence and pioneering global leadership through sharing kno...

Ambassador Anisa K. Mbega 🇹🇿

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Dancing My Way to Stardom in Bollywood's Spotlight

How Indonesia's love for Bollywood choreographed my life's journey

Vina Fan 🇮🇩

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Why are India-Canada Relations Strained?

Unearth insights from Michael Kugelman, the South Asia guru, on the delicate balance of internationa...

Michael Kugelman 🇺🇸

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A Tech Power Emerges!

India’s technology prowess and robust economic growth will combine to make global impact

Dr Srinivas Rao Kaveti 🇺🇸

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Uniting Hearts with Cricket and Warmth

An Afghan scholar's experience of India's diverse and multicultural society, rising economy, shared ...

Wali Rahman Rahmani 🇦🇫

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Chandrayaan's Lunar Leap Ignites Global Dreams

A voyage to the moon fosters cross-border admiration and a shared quest for celestial knowledge.

Asher Alam 🇵🇰

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India's Role In Sri Lanka's Economic Renewal

Navigating Sri Lanka's economic challenges and India's crucial role in tackling them

Dr Asanka Wijesinghe 🇱🇰

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Chabahar Deal: India Sidesteps Rivals, Expands Geopolitical Influence

India funds $250M for infrastructure development of the strategic Iranian Chabahar Port in Gulf of O...

Prof. Foad Izadi 🇮🇷

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21st Century Colonialism: China's Quest for Empire

Under the garb of modernisation, China expands its neo-colonial grasp in East Turkistan and beyond

Dr. Mamtimin Ala 🇦🇺

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Will India Lead the Blue Economy Revolution?

Discovering the immense potential of India's coastline and its role in the blue economy.

Jeroen van de Waal 🇪🇸

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How USA Destroyed the Afghan Republic

A look at the farce of the world’s oldest democracy vs commitment to peace of the world’s largest de...

Horia Mosadiq 🇬🇧

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The Global Influence of Indian Music

From the Guitar to Sitar, a Western musician's quest to explore Indian music.

Lionel Dentan 🇨🇭

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Spicing the Fjords with Punjabi Flavors

Uniting cultures through flavours, Sakirat's culinary journey symbolizes the deepening ties of two g...

Mana Rambod 🇳🇴

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The Quagmire of Afghan-Pak Tensions

Navigating complexities, India seeks stability and peace in Afghanistan amidst regional tensions.

Nasir Khalid 🇨🇦

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Unlocking change through consensus

Narendra Modi's visionary leadership inspires the collaborative spirit of SDG 17

Simon McKenzie (Mac) 🇬🇧

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