PM Modi Unveils Game-Changing Character-Building Plan!

Igniting Goodness and Self-Discipline Across the Nation

 PM Modi Unveils Game-Changing Character-Building Plan!

“We often say that when every citizen of the country takes a step ahead, our nation moves 120 crore steps forward,” declared Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a Mann Ki Baat Radio broadcast.

In the third chapter of "Igniting Collective Goodness," we delve into the episode of Mann Ki Baat that reflects discipline and self-sacrifice exhibited by people from all walks of life in India.

Modi suggests that the lamps of Diwali be lit to honour the jawan or security forces of India through the ‘Sandesh to Soldiers’ campaign. Modi, in particular, understands the long journey of self-sacrifice as the Pradhan Sevak (Prime Servant). Out of this understanding, he asks in this episode for a singular focus reflected in the dedication and self-sacrifice our protectors give us with the simple act of lighting a lamp, igniting goodness throughout the world.

Modi has tackled problems in India that to others seemed intractable. The nation is now over 75 years old and, post-independence, has risen to be a first-world powerhouse. Mann Ki Baat highlights the reason India has been able to make this incredible effort successfully: Its people.

One of the strengths Modi brings to his office is a profound understanding of Ek Atma Chintan (introspection of the self) and its role in the foundation of the Indian people. It is embodied in the celebration of Vijay Dashami, a festival that symbolizes good triumphing over evil.

In his correspondence with Ganesh Venkatadari, a native of Mumbai, Modi references Mr. Venkatadadari’s vow to eliminate ten bad habits from within ourselves on the celebration of Vijay Dashami and pledging to eliminate dirt and filth upon this occasion.

Our Prime Minister uses the occasion of the holiday (good over evil) to encourage introspection and growth from within each and every citizen.

“My countrymen, 125 crore Indians have infinite strengths and capabilities. We need to understand ourselves. We need to identify our inner strengths and, like Swamiji always used to say, we need to carry our self-respect, identify ourselves and move forward in life and be successful, in turn making our nation a winning and successful country.”

“I believe,” Modi goes on to say, “all our countrymen are efficient, strong and can stand against any odds with confidence.”

The book quotes education reformist and thinker, Mukul Kanitkar, describing the change a program like Mann Ki Baat has brought to the fore.

“The first is that a program like Mann Ki Baat by the Prime Minister, where he talks directly to society and the public, is a big deal for a participatory democracy. And, it’s not just a matter of him speaking what is on his mind…the Prime Minister has shared stories and experiences that people have shared with him…

“This is the job of a public servant. The Prime Minister called himself the Pradham Sevak.” And remarkably in my view, with great political risk. Out of his service, the Prime Minister has become truly apolitical.

He tackles difficult topics like addiction and recovery without blinking. I encourage listening to the program in its entirety and reading the book at a leisurely pace (especially for non-Indian readers) to absorb the significance of the actions of this remarkable leader.

In Chapter three of Igniting Collective Goodness, the curators present Prime Minister Modi addressing the grave issue of addiction and a doable course of action!

Modi explains, “Some people feel when a person is in despair, faces failures or is directionless, he easily falls prey to drugs. But I feel that people who lack ambition, do not have any set goals and targets, and have a deep vacuum in their lives are the ones with whom drugs will find easy access.

“If you want to avoid drugs and save your children from this menace, then foster ambition in them, give them dreams to pursue, and make them individuals with a desire to achieve something in life.

“Then you will see that they will not be easily distracted.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s words of sage wisdom are important for us all, young or old, to keep us on the track of choosing health and avoiding the scourge of addiction.

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